How to install the tournament client on Windows

There are two versions of the client for Windows; The old version and the experimental version.

The old client

The old version of the client has been used by many players for years, and has been proven to work in many real-life championships. HOWEVER - since Scoreganizer was moved to a new server, installing it on Windows requires an additional change to your system for it to work.

⬇ Scoreganizer Client, Pythonless Windows (Old)

The experimental client

The experimental client uses the same code as the old version, but fixes the problem with the old client. However, it has been compiled under WINE instead of a native Windows installation; This means that there just might be other unforeseen problems.

⬇ Scoreganizer Client, Pythonless Windows (Experimental, Recommended)


You probably want the experimental version. There is a high chance that using the experimental version will just work. The old client is provided in case it doesn't, but it is probably going to be more work to install (details below).

This is confusing, just tell me what to do

  • Download the recommended client
  • Unpack it
  • Run client.exe
  • ???
  • Profit

The problem

In case you're interested what this mysterious problem is that requires updating the whole client just because the server address changed:

The client is actually just a simple Python script that configures and starts ViennaSweeper with a Scoreganizer tournament key, then repeatedly checks for video files, and uploads them as soon as they are generated. It was hacked together in a hurry as I made my way from Vienna, Austria to Stirling, Scotland via Interrail for the UK Open 2011.

So, while the server address is a configuration option, configuration itself is handled as a simple python file ( And in the Windows distribution, where all the Python scripts are bundled with PyInstaller, this means that the config is effectively hardcoded.

Suboptimal, but still highly preferable to a client that doesn't exist at all.

Alternative solution if the experimental client doesn't work

If the experimental client doesn't run on your system, you can try to get the old client to work by adding a host entry to your host file:

IP Host

  • Use an editor (like notepad) to open the file

  • Add this line to the end of the file:

Another Alternative

Head over to the UN*X installation instructions , download the source distribution, and run the client as a Python script.

This requires a Python 2 installation, for which instructions may be provided at some point in the future.