How to install the tournament client on UN*X systems

On UN*X systems, it is assumed that the source distribution of the client is sufficient, as Python is usually present. Dependencies must be installed manually.


In order to use the scoreganizer client, you will need:

  • Python 2
  • WINE (for ViennaSweeper)


The source distribution may be downloaded here.

⬇ Scoreganizer Client, source distribution

Installation & use


  • Make sure that all dependencies listed on this page are installed
  • Download the client and unpack the archive


  • Open a Terminal and navigate to the client folder:
    $ cd path/to/unpacked/client/client-x.y.z/
  • Navigate into the src subdirectory:
    $ cd src/
  • Run
    $ python
    If Python 3 is the default on your system, it is possible that you will need to run the following instead:
    $ python2