Terms of Service


Welcome to scoreganizer. If you continue to browse and use this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use.


With the exception of your email address and your password, personal information you enter on this website may be available to visitors. You are, however, not obliged to enter more than a unique username in addition to the data mentioned above. If you do enter additional information, you agree that it may be publicly displayed on the site.

Account Deactivation

It is not possible to delete an account completely. Instead, it is possible to deactivate an account. If an account is deactivated, it will not be publicly visible, searchable via a search implemented on the site, or in any other way accessible, with the exception of result lists from tournaments that the corresponding user participated in.

Uploaded Data

This site enables users to upload data in the form of minesweeper replays. The owners of the site reserve all rights to publicly redistribute these replays and associate them with your username indefinitely. This is necessary to ensure the integrity, consistency and accountability of rankings on the site.


The owners of this site reserve to remove uploaded data in the sense of the last paragraph without further notice. This is necessary to ensure that illegitimate scores can be taken off the site.

Associated Tournaments

Users of this website with an account may create tournaments. In the event that an account is deactivated, their tournaments will remain online indefinitely.

Event Registrations

Note: The following only applies to users that register for an event. All other users are subject to the old terms of service, which are identical to the current ones, minus this point.

Users of this website may register for tournament events. The additional data they enter in that case will partly be made public, but will be deleted completely upon account deactivation (or by request). Entering a pseudonym in the name field is explicitly allowed.

The content of the comment field will never be published on the site. It will be visible only to the organizer of the event in question, and can be used for data that should not be made public, but that should be known to the organizer (such as an official name).


This site is provided as-is. No guarantees regarding performance, uptime or suitability for anything at all are given. Just enjoy your stay and have fun.