All tournaments

Name Location Date
Scoreganizer Demonstration tournament Fachschaft Technische Mathematik 2012-12-20
The 77th Weekly Tournament of Online 2012-12-16
The 76th Weekly Tournament of Online 2012-12-09
TEST YOUR ENDURANCE Online 2012-12-08
Who is the luckiest? Online 2012-12-05
The 75th Weekly Tournament of Online 2012-12-02
test for Online 2012-11-30 Online 2012-11-30
Unicomputertest UT Vienna 2012-11-28
Sixth Moscow Open Championship 2012 Moscow 2012-11-24
testrus2012_1 moscow 2012-11-24
testrus2012 moscow 2012-11-24
Test for Champ Moscow 2012-11-19
Aeq vs KIeF Moscow 2012-11-16
uploadbugfest nowhere 2012-11-16
Uploadbugtest Tommy's room/Northern Medvedkovo 2012-11-15